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GS, Capz28, Freckz, Matic – Usain Bolt @PacmanTV @Capz_28 @MaticGS

July 20, 2014

Dirtz of N2P ‘Hunger Pains’ (Prod. by Dr. G) #Album @Dirty0121 @DrGProductionz @ParkStreetPR

July 19, 2014

‘An insight into inner city UK’
‘Something original and fresh’
‘Music from the streets for the streets’
‘If you like UK Rap then check for this now’
‘Dirtz spits the truth from start to finish’

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Dirtz of N2P ‘Hunger Pains’ (Track-list):

01 – Life Lessons Feat. Asad (LOTD)
02 – Aim High Feat. Cipher Jewels (Moorish Delta 7)
03 – Like a Boss
04 – Under Estimated Me Feat. I-Yudah (TGYD)
05 – Lookin Up
06 – Go Hard Feat. M3 (N2P) Giz Da Boss Type (Royalist)
07 – Walk Alone Feat. M3 (N2P)
08 – Make Ends Meet Feat. Dece Divine (N2P) & Vertex
09 – Find a Way Feat. Dece Divine (N2P)
10 – The System
11 – Whats It All About Feat. M3 (N2P)
12 – Good Time Feat. M3 (N2P) & Andre I
13 – Life Lessons Feat. M3 (N2P) & Meeks (S-Squad)

All tracks produced by Dr. G.

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Nizzy Nath – Doubt Me @RAPCITYTV @NizzyNath

July 19, 2014

Blabz – One Side To Every Story (Noble Throne Media) @Blabz1 @ParkStreetPR

July 18, 2014

Twenty-six year old Derby born emcee Blabz first stepped out on the UK scene known for freestyling in various ciphers, studio’s or anywhere that he could be heard. Formerly known as Blabba T or The Blabba Tongue, Blabz was inspired by the likes of Pharaoh Monch, Big Pun, Wu-Tang and Eminem, amongst others before picking up an album by Jehst around six years ago and becoming more aware of the wave of talent happening on these shores. In recent years Blabz has been inspired by more political, lyrical and self aware rap music with Triple Darkness, High Focus, Revorg Records, Eat Good Records, Caxton Press, Shotty Horroh & Lunar C all personal favourites of his.

Now in July 2014, Blabz drops his debut project “One Side To Every Story”, a twelve track release that is more than worthy of your attention. This is music from the heart and soul, this is sincere, honest and real, this is his life in audio form. The project goes deep into the realms of life, but is consistent and diverse enough to keep you entertained and as well as edutained! This is UK Hip-Hop with a bite to it, no fillers, just killers we get such a great selection of music. This release is already being championed by some of the UK’s most followed Hip-Hop blogs as well as receiving underground radio support and mixtape placements. With a string of live shows planned, as well as music videos, its all go for Blabz. Be part of the journey by showing your support.

‘Comfortably pushes well beyond Hip-Hop’s limited horizons’
‘Blabba hits hard with superb microphone presence, really impressive’
‘Quick-fire cadence & compellingly brutal tales of inner city depravity’

Blabz – One Side To Every Story (Track-list):

01 – View Your Back On Occasion
02 – God Slang Flex Feat. Necrosix
03 – Dream Chilla
04 – Sideways Moving Dickheads Feat. Agent K
05 – Tax For Your Qualms 02:09
06 – White Faces
07 – Chaos At The Corner
08 – Couldn’t Change Me
09 – One Side Story
10 – Graff After Dark Feat. Illa Straits (Prod. Runone & Ogre)
11 – Murky Feat. Illa Straits
12 – Scientific

Download/Stream link:


Pepstar – #StreetHeat Freestyle @PepstarUK

July 18, 2014

J2K – Warm Up Sessions @J2KLive

July 17, 2014

Rickz & L’sz – London Boy @PacmanTV @Rickz100 @LoudedLsz

July 16, 2014