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DJ Pryzmat & Conscious Route – The Flashback EP @ConsciousRoute @TrueHoldRecords @ParkStreetPR

January 15, 2015

pryzmat & conscious route500

Conscious Route has come together with DJ Pryzmat to bring you the ‘Flashback E.P’. These artists first joined forces back in 2012 with a brief collaboration on DJ Pryzmat’s compilation CD. The 6-track Flashback E.P. is filled with a mix of current and classic 90’s style hip-hop bound together with conscious flows and crisp breaks. The beats were created mainly on MPC to keep the raw edge alongside the synth-lines and samples which have become a strong signature of DJ Pryzmat’s sound.

DJ Pryzmat & Conscious Route – The Flashback EP (Track-list):
1. I Begin
2. Future Is Kosher
3. We All Got Needs Feat. Inez Yeshe
4. FlashBack
5. Feel Free
6. Ghost City Feat. Sean El & One Oz

Download link:

Connect with Truehold Records:

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Connect with DJ Pryzmat:

eMCee Underground Jam Sessions 06/02/15 @SBPhaze @Shakezpeare @SuparNovar @BigRibzy @Trademarkblud @ParkStreetPR

January 15, 2015


eMCee ‘Underground Jam Sessions’
Friday 6th Feb 2015 – 7:00pm
Bar Suave, 181 Spon St, Coventry, CV1 3BB

Facebook Event Page:

eMCee was born early in 2014 which went live for the first time ever on Thursday 5th May 2014 on Coventry’s famous Spon Street with no expectation what so ever also with no solid thought or idea how it would turn out.. With a collection of hand carried and half borrowed equipment, a status was put up on local groups on various social feeds. No posters or flyers and at no cost , a new Underground night came alive.

eMCee is still proudly a growing night for Coventry with new talent from across the UK still eager to take part at this full Open Stage Underground Jam Session, full access to all equipment on the night to use as you wish to promote the music you love.. Just keep it real and from the street. Keep it fresh to impress the crowd, show them what it takes to me a real eMCee.. Its not just how cool you look holding the Mic, hell no… An eMCee needs to connect with the crowd in such a way that cant be taught but only advised.. Whether you Beat-Box, Dancer, DJ or Mr killer Mic. It is the energy you bring to the stage what will give you the connection you search for.. When you can control the crowd to your every need, you will have found your eMCee.

The first event of the year we will start as we mean to go on and showcase a full night of extreme artists for you to enjoy..

Live performances from..

Shakezpeare / Novar (FLIP)
Big Rizby / Trademark Blud
Flowlosopha / Eastwood
NY / Jinka Jinx / GodsChild
Alex-is / Tommy Oliver / Bryon

Live DJ sets from:

Tricksta / Scratchers-Delight
DJ Fury / SAGAN / Phaze81

Merchandise for sale and CD give-a-ways
Food also available on the night.

Entry Price: £2 B4 8pm / £3 After / No Entry Afer Middnight
Minimum Age 16 / Under 18 must be accompanied by parents.

For more information about this event visit:

For more information about Straight Barrin contact David Ferguson:

XO the Rebellion – Balance EP @XOtheRebellion @ParkStreetPR

January 14, 2015


XO the Rebellion’s debut independent release ‘Balance EP’ is of the most part a collaboration between Minarmy Producer Hilton and the vocals, concepts, visuals and occasional instrumentation work (the violin and piano on the track Reflections for instance) of Stephen 5N6, Todd DN1 and Closure 7VN who are the alphanumeric sum which makes up XO the Rebellion.

The trio of creative and highly skilled British rappers who all come from Luton Town (close to the north of London) are also singers, songwriters and musicians who display their talents well on this incredibly detailed release. 5N6 handles much of the mixing and tracking of their work in-house as well as the directing and editing of their cinematic and often CGI laden visuals which have featured on Link Up TV and their own YouTube channel.

For less than five pounds sterling you get six powerful full length 808 driven, modern and soulful hip hop tracks which feature a broad range of instrumentation, from more organic live violin to cutting edge synths and perfectly triggered samples. XOTR paint snapshots of their environment over gritty yet melodic beats laced with intricate and clever lyrics that occasionally break into ambient rooms of natural, full singing vocals on the hooks. The timbre of each artists unique voice and intelligent input is perfectly absorbed into each instrumental piece enticing the audience to enter their sonic landscape.

Finalised by world renowned Master Engineer Paul Ashmore using his detailed master chain of analog hardware, the two eras of sound are married perfectly; the vintage world of tubes, transistors and old school circuitry warms and colours the young artists cutting edge digital soundscape with perfect balance. Paul is credited with audio mastering for motion pictures such as the Amazing Spiderman as well as the latest X-Men Wolverine film. He has also worked with global brands like YMCMB and Warner Brothers, therefore his ear and own taste for cinematic beauty and experience handling hard hitting US trap have been an excellent match for this project.

XOTR’s first music video taken from the EP ‘Visions’ which was released on Christmas Eve on Link Up TV and which was selected as the featured video for December 2014 on their website, has reached almost ten thousand plays in only a few weeks of release. (at the time of this press release)

XOTR have now freshly dropped their unique special effects visual for ‘Knight Mare’ which is also out on Link Up TV and is gathering lots of plays and positive feedback online from music fans and tastemakers alike.

XO The Rebellion – Knight Mare #Video

XO The Rebellion – Visions #Video

XO the Rebellion’s debut EP: ‘Balance’ is out now in most major digital outlets iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and many others!

Purchase Links: (iTunes) (Google Play) (Amazon)

Twitter: @XOtheRebellion

J-Hitz – I’m Back

January 1, 2015

Lola Godheld – Crazy Black Woman (CBW) @LolaGodHeld

December 31, 2014

Tyzer Feat. I-yudah – When you see me gone

December 30, 2014

CLS Multi – Purple Lean ft Mikes Roddy, Tanq & DisOnesStrange @CLSMulti

December 30, 2014